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Posted by Anita Baldwinson on April 2, 2020
Anita Baldwinson
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In times of crisis, essential businesses make all the difference. Grocers and retailers operating in strained and stressed times give us hope and sustenance. It is a big ask with customer demand at an all-time high for certain items. These businesses are our customers. Our people are working in stores as much needed support during this COVID pandemic.

To the essential businesses we support and to our own TNG Retail Services workforce, we honor the work you are doing. We appreciate your service. We value you! You are all making more possible for our country during this time. We offer a sincere thank you.

Everyday, we hear from grocers and retailers. The thank you’s for the contributions of our people pour in. We know that our people are outstanding, and it is with great and humble pride that we accept the praise, on their behalf.

Here are just some of the comments we've received:

"James and Alicia have been doing an awesome job here. Everything asked of them is done quickly and with detail. In absence of instruction they keep busy. They worked all the grocery back stock one day, all the general merchandise another. They constantly condition and clean shelves with a smile, both of them. Today they are going down the aisles removing green discontinued tags, reallocating, and cleaning. Reallocating is not something that can be assigned to just anyone and they are doing great."

"We had Carlos assigned to our location 3 days this week. He did an absolutely phenomenal job for us. He has a great attitude, work ethic, and did anything and everything that was asked. He led the cleaning crew one day, stocked frozen, dairy, etc. You are lucky to have someone like him."

"Renee and John have been great. They have taken some the pressure off of my team during this hectic time. It has been a pleasure having them working in my store."

" We know it is hard out there right now, and wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the Jack Link Products and getting it serviced during even this difficult time"


Our Employees

We take care of our employees. We know that each one represents the whole of us. It is important to note that our employees make a personal decision to work during a time of crisis and incur no penalty of any kind if they make a choice not to commit to a project during the COVID emergency.

When many employers are letting workers go, we are in a position to hire. Providing employment, at this time, while supporting essential businesses gives TNG Retail Services a unique position. Even though the pace is frenetic and the needs great with our customers, we have the ability to still provide training, including safety and health practices. We also provide PPE allowances.

To review our safety protocols, please visit our COVID-19 resource webpage

What Are Our Teams Doing?

Sweeping, Gathering Carts, Sanitizing the Store, Throwing Freight, Helping Hang Tags, Bagging Groceries, Helping Customers, Picking/Packing Orders for E Commerce, Rotating Stock, Facing, Restocking, Unloading delivery trucks and more.


We Are People-Powered.

With our people and our expertise in grocery and retail, we stand ready to support essential businesses in this challenging time. Working together, we are answering the call of our country.



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