The Den: Best Practices start with the most advanced resources

Posted by Megan Reinertson on February 18, 2020

The Den

It’s not unheard of and not anything new. Well-informed and experienced employees provide professional and top-grade workmanship. Everyone starts somewhere. At TNG Retail Services, we make sure our employees start with the best and most up-to-date training modules available. And, what is available? Custom programs designed by our experts who have trained in the field and understand best practices when it comes to retail.

TNG Retail Services’ DEN (Digital eLearning Network) is a well-rounded training tool we use to ensure our employees have the confidence and resources needed to execute every task efficiently and professionally. Staff changes at any level put a ripple in forward progress. With the DEN, TNG Retail Services is ahead of that. This program is designed to communicate with our employees on a daily basis. We make sure they have the education and support needed for all training.

Den ReportingWith the DEN, we customize modules specific to projects, stores and even client needs. Acting not only as an on-boarding instrument, but also advancement tools, the DEN provides all levels of information and instruction. But, information is only useful if used correctly.

TNG Retail Services’ customizes each training module specific to each employee and their work. Course reports are scheduled and monitored, allowing the field to know exactly how far along our team members are in their programs. We want to ensure all our employees are supported and fully understand their duties. If someone is struggling to understand course material, it is our job to monitor and help guide them through. DEN also contains the capability for daily reports on where each individual is in their training, what they need to complete, and those ready for the next stage

DEN GraphsAfter launching in January, 2020, the DEN currently has over 12,000 active users, and the number is climbing.  It’s important to understand the learning curve new and advancing employees undergo. Turn-over switched to retention is a main goal. Consistency at the store level is extremely important, along with compliance between projects. We provide our members with tools which fully prepare them for the field. These attributes build confidence and offer transparency into the world of Retail. Our culture revolves around our people, and they should be rewarded for their efforts and eagerness to learn. An important aspect is the visual gamification eachDEN Badge Picture 1 user has. This program is not something we want people to dread but embrace! We provide award badges for those who’ve completed their courses and celebrate each.


How does this help? Our clients’ needs are ever changing. New projects and tasks may come up with little to no notice because Retail is always evolving. TNG Retail Services recognizes this need and we are prepared to customize and create the training and tools required to ensure our people are the best at what you need and what they do. We are People-Powered and we take pride in knowing our people are ready for anything.

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