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Posted by Paul Gillis on July 29, 2016

A key strategy for new product introduction and heightened exposure for existing product lines is the use of floor displays placed for a finite sales period.

There is a definite risk/reward proposition for all stake holders in these programs.

It is all about sell-through.

High sell-through increases the likelihood of repeat opportunities, while an unsuccessful program means unrealized sales and margin, and a credibility issue

How does your Off-Shelf Program get to retail?

Many times the shipper goes through the retailer’s distribution center which can mean shipment over weeks, not days.

Or, shippers can be sent direct to store via third party, with no set delivery schedule.

Once in store, the display is either set up by the retailer, who is trying to contain in store labor or a third party merchandiser who is assigned an execution window, not a specific schedule.

The odds of all this coming together successfully are not great.

So how can you ensure your chances for success?

Sounds simple, but make sure your display gets onto the sales floor.

Low placement percentages will kill a program, and if you are not getting the majority of your shippers up at the very beginning of the on sale period you are losing valuable sales time. The combination of these two virtually assures a failed program.


Permanent shipper program TNG installed

Solution: TNG

For years, TNG has placed shippers at the beginning of the sales cycle with an accuracy of 95-100%.  To create this level of success, we control all aspects of the process.

Our 6 Steps to Success Are:

1. Depending on the retailer, shippers are delivered to 1 or more of our 29 Distribution and Logistics Centers.  
2. Shippers are cross-docked to our line-haul trucks and sent to 1 or more of our 96 depots.
3. Every floor display is delivered to the store in our 1290 trucks on a set delivery schedule, at the same time every week.
4. TNG W-2 Merchandisers (11,000) are assigned to the store on a set schedule aligned with the delivery schedule and provide in-store execution.
5. TNG Merchandisers take photos of the placement and upload completion data and pictures at the end of the store visit.
6. Exceptions are known immediately, correct action is taken.

TNG controlling the process from beginning to end means retailers benefit from shipper programs with increased store sales and CPG companies get those products into shoppers hands. Better execution in turn means a better overall program.

To read more about our end-to-end logistics, click here.

To read more about our in-store execution, click here.

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