Mapped Items In Stores: Your Road Map to Sales

Posted by Anita Baldwinson on December 14, 2017
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What Matters to You: Always in Stock, Best Selling Products

What matters to you, matters to us. In a new, reoccurring blog series, What Matters to You, we will focus on what you tell us are your top concerns. Then, we will let you know how we can help.

One of the main issues we repeatedly hear is that best selling products “don’t have a home.” As a result, inventory of the top money makers falls, and sales are lost. The Clip Strip Program aims to solve this problem. But, too often, the placement of the clip strip ends up in a place that makes no sense. Of course, the clip strip for chopsticks should be with the Asian food items just as can openers should be with the canned goods, as examples.

Unfortunately, the clip strip, often, is not placed in the optimal spot. Dollars are lost.

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TNG’s Solution

Our proprietary system ‘maps’ every location in every store. Instead of a product being labeled for Aisle 2, our system will indicate a more specific spot. For instance, a product will be designated for location G0236 in Store #8. The system is easy to use, and every product has a ‘home.’ And, even better: the retailer makes choices on which products go where. They know their store and their customers best. Merchandisers, then, can stock the correct items in the optimal spot.

Capturing Dollars On Best Sellers

Our mapping solution exposed an issue many retailers did not realize they had – lost dollars. Even worse, the sales are lost because, all too often, the best selling items are without an assigned ‘home.’

A good example is a bath sponge (a pouf). Typically, it is a top seller in the clip strip program. It is initially placed near the body washes and usually sells out in a week or two.

When the sponges are gone, another product is put in that location. Without store mapping, the location for the sponge is not labeled. As a result, no assigned home for a top-selling item exists. When or if sponges are ordered and arrive, they may or may not be placed with the body washes.

Sounds simple. It is. But, our ‘store walks’ of competitors programs show that the best selling items are out of stock in store after store. With our program, the sponge and every other top-selling product have a ‘home.’ When the product sells down, only the same item replenishes the location.

Right Product. Right Price. Right Place.

Watch this short video about one of our retailers, Coborn’s, in St. Cloud, MN. Hear about their results using our TNG Impulse program.

If it matters to you, it matters to us. 

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