MagFinder is Exciting for Print Magazines and Also for Retailers

Posted by on August 7, 2015

A few month's ago, MagNet launched a digital app, MagFinder, that helps consumers find their favorite print magazine at a store nearby to where they are, or where they're going. Not only is the app mobile friendly, it's also GPS enabled and once you find that favorite magazine at that store, you can get the directions to the store. We like that digital is being used to support the sale of magazines, rather than hinder it.

Check out the video below for a brief introduction to the MagFinder app...

This is a boon for print magazines and for the retailers that sell them. Someone tweets about a hot magazine and the app will marry up that hot magazine to where it can actually be purchased.

Magazine Enthusiasts Pointed to the Correct Retail Location

There are real benefits to enthusiasts of certain niche hobbies and interests as well. Most stores can't even begin to carry a portion of the number of titles that are out there, let alone many of the niche titles that are, for the most part, doing very well in this age of media upheaval. With the MagFinder app, those enthusiasts can be pointed to the correct store.

Retail Stores Benefit

Retailers, of course, benefit because the app drives that shopper into the store, where they will purchase the magazine. More times than not, the shopper will also purchase other items. Those are shoppers that may not have walked in otherwise. The app could, in the future, also drive purchase at the point of sale, by offering a coupon or cross-promotion.

Print Magazine Publishers Benefit

Magazine publishers may get quicker and greater sales too. A consumer can add a magazine to his favorite list and he'll get a notification when that title goes on-sale. These friendly reminders will most assuredly drive some to retail to purchase when they may have forgotten otherwise.

The key is to get the app in consumer's hands. So, share this post and if you're tweeting about your favorite magazine, also include that it can be found using MagFinder.

For more information on MagNet, click here.

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