Is your brand lost in the Distribution shuffle?

Posted by John Perner on February 16, 2018

What Matters To You: Avoiding Headaches and Lost Sales Due to Distribution Challenges

Another Super Bowl complete, just as the players and teams are celebrating and also taking stock, so are companies. Was this Super Bowl better than the last, in terms of sales? Are there some areas for improvement? Did this season sing? Or did this season sting? Did your brand, travelling on that truck with that flagship icon, even get displayed? 

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Did your product get lost in the shuffle?

We see this often. And, not just at Super Bowl.  Brands that are not ‘flagship brands’ are not making it to the shelf in a timely manner. We also see missed opportunities. Though, as a product distributor, you may be running a promotional campaign, ‘their’ time-window for execution has you missing out on... weeks.

You know that means lost sales for sure, but where? Many distribution and logistics suppliers only have a specified territory, and if you are in multiple regions, you end up having to track down several people that are handling your products. Talk about lost time trying to track down what is going on! What happened to your product? We imagine, often, you just give up.

What if there was an alternative that actually helped improve sales at retail?

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To help make sales sing, you need to get your product into that store and out from that back room in a timely manner. That suggests perhaps you need to look for a different distributor.

You need a distributor who cares about your brand as much as you do - a distributor who treats your brand like it’s the most important brand in the store, a distributor who provides a single point of contact for multi-regional and national coverage, a distributor who is a true business partner and will work with you to increase brand awareness and optimize sales.

We are everywhere you want to be, and we are there each and every week ~ with a direct store delivery network, warehousing, logistics and merchandising that you can tap into.  For you, for your brand, that means your product is on the shelves quickly.

Put an end to getting lost in the shuffle.   Learn more about our distribution solutions.

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