Integral link for retail success? Who knew...the supply chain

Posted by Anita Baldwinson on August 27, 2018
Anita Baldwinson
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DSD20Every retailer knows that times are tough right now. It can seem unrelenting with an onslaught of new issues every day. With one part of the puzzle in hand, another seems to falter in a constant battle to remain relevant and thriving. The pinch is real.

A recent article outlines the wildcard nature of the supply chain as the integral link for retail success. It starts the discussion with: “…as much as grocers continue to invest in building a better shopping experience, consumers still think of a trip to the grocery store as a chore”1. If that is the case, then consumers will continue to look for alternatives to cut out just one more ‘chore’ in their already busy lives. If we look at retailers that are doing “better than” some of the others, are there patterns? Does the excitement of discovery and treasure hunt in a Costco make the shopping experience better for the shopper? If so, how does grocery incorporate more of that element into their stores? It could be that they customize more, experiment more with different products or try to localize products. It could be how they present that product to shoppers. The store within a store is gaining ground. Retailer operations along with limited distribution space often don’t make this an easy task, however.

The article continues: “Due in large part to digitization, we, consumers have wrestled away the power from large corporations and brands. As consumers, we now have the reach thanks to our phones, the voice via social media platforms, and the fulfillment expectations due to the internet. Add this shift to the reality that grocers struggle with differentiating themselves within the crowded competitive landscape in which they operate, and you have an equation for even more of an overall business challenge. So, what are grocers to do? The answer lies in the supply chain and the extended network, both of which address the cornerstone of modern retail – customization. Consumers expect to be catered to and personalized to – in a multitude of ways.” 1
It continues to be clear that the shopper and consumer must be at the center of decision making. With “demanding and fickle consumers” what if the supply chain really could be the answer to some of the retail woes – specifically, customization. If consumers want an ‘experience’ and, the supply chain could be that wildcard, how would that work?

We see our role as that of a partner to our customers and are keenly aware that your success is our success. Our mission is to evolve with new solutions in this time of transition.

Our view offers us a unique perspective into the world of retail because we touch all aspects: data analysis, delivery, display manufacturing, front-end management, general merchandise, merchandising, resets, warehousing, and distribution. It is our customer’s experiences and challenges that inform our depth of knowledge and our ability to see the future with excitement – more is possible!
5 areas where we can help are:

1.  Customized offerings: Our network allows us to distribute those unique and/or local products that create a          desirable shopping experience that today’s customer craves. The retailer operational challenges are                            circumvented.
2.  Those now-needed, regular new item cut-ins and resets
3.  Treasure hunt opportunities. We are equipped to handle seasonal in/out programs, from distribution to                 display and replenishment
4.  Coordinated promotional display and point of purchase materials: We can have everything delivered and set-          up on the same day.
5.  Impulse item sourcing, distribution and merchandising. Moving relevant items to where your shoppers are             shopping.

At TNG, we are that wildcard for our customers. Give us a call. We are 100% focused on executing your go to market strategies.

1.  The Supply Chain – Why the Supply Chain Can Unlock Customer Satisfaction By Guy Courtin, VP Industry & Solution Strategy, Infor Retail. To read the full article: Click here

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