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Posted by Anita Baldwinson on June 13, 2017
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This is going to be a big week for Craft Brewers in Ontario. From June 10-18, it’s Ontario Craft Beer Week!  Events are being held throughout Ontario and for those that love Craft Beer, they will want to go to the OCB week website and check out the events and options to taste some amazing local craft beer.

And for the Craft Brewers, it’s really perfect timing that the weather got hot. Craft beer is in a good place right now and continues to grow.  Along with the demand, will grow the need to get that beer to where it can delight sippers and slurpers.  This is where companies that are on that cusp of growth may have some growing pains. 


Your beer is hot, you can’t brew quick enough

Your beer is hot right now, as hot as yesterday was. And the brewery doesn’t have the facility to brew quick enough. Frustrating, right? Keeping the momentum going is key. Timing is important. There are contract brewers that can ease the pain. They will take the brewer’s recipe and brew their beer in the desired quantities. Need this? Check out Brunswick Bierworks.

You can’t get your beer your market quick enough

Can’t get it to market soon enough, because there’s only so much time to do deliveries? You know you’re missing sales. Consumers today are fickle and that makes the market hyper-competitive. The beer drinker may find another favourite as quickly as well, today.


You don’t know where your inventory even is or where it’s selling

Certain pubs, restaurants, retail locations sell more of your beer, but you can’t prioritize if you don’t know which ones. You prefer the scenario of sell, sell, sell, rather than sit, sit, sit. That and your craft tastes better when fresh, doesn’t it? Better experience for the customer and gets them coming back. You need insight, along with ability to react to it.

Focus on the craft, we’ve got those logistics for you

A little under a year ago, we began warehousing and moving craft beer for just a few Craft Brewers throughout Ontario. We now are in partnership with 38 brewers and that number is climbing daily. We can handle it. We have a network of trucks that is moving product daily.

We’ve got warehousing space to get you closer to the hottest markets where your beer will sell.  Our original warehousing space was 30,000 ft2 with 5, 000 of it being temperature controlled. We just added about 17,000 more and are expanding our cold storage now too. We also have the information to help you make smart decisions about your beer.

So, interested in learning more? We’re here to help.

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