Custom System Solutions for Your Unique Projects at Retail

Posted by Megan Reinertson on August 13, 2021
We can talk flow, layout, and organization all day. But, what also matters are specific designs and structures customized per store, per location.  Hundreds of aisles, end-caps, and pop-ups ~ sales, waiting in retail limbo until the perfect plan is put in place and executed upon. The data chronicles the story of success (or of less than 'perfect').   
Perfection is lofty.  And, in the CPG world, classified by increased sales.  Therefore, it is obtainable, especially with our experts. Just like no shopper is alike, no one project is alike with nuances often encountered at the store level.  Individual plans are needed to engage the correct outcome. 
Our clients and also our field team are constantly sending in reasonable requests which cater to individual, specific needs.  We maintain a collaborative approach when designing custom solutions.  We do not use out-of-the-box software.  This way, we constantly improve how we perform for them.  
Our client integration team and in-house systems' team work directly with your requirements. A popular request today is to encrypt data, map data fields to our execution data, and deliver it in the format the client needs to update their system. We also work to determine what frequency the data is needed for transmission, fitting the client’s schedule. Not only that, but we also collaborate with your past sales statistics, combine previous and new trends and devise visits based on those analytics.  We also make sure our people are in store whenever and wherever needed. 
We recently had a client request a custom app be built for scanning out-of-stocks.  Following rapid development, this app has already been launched. We are committed to building out our own proprietary system which fits your needs. To read more about our Optic Intelligence system, click here.
We strive to make every service better and our system has a role in the results. This is done by listening to our client's needs, tapping into feedback from our field team, and combining that with our workforce capabilities.  The result: Unsurpassed service, transparent reporting with accurate data. And, often increased sales with decreased spending. We think that's a pretty perfect combo.

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