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Posted by Anita Baldwinson on March 26, 2020
Anita Baldwinson
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Unprecedented times ask us all to step up for the greater good. It means working together, like never before, to assure vital services continue with as little interruption as possible. The human spirit is strong, and our collective and personal stories all contain aspects of transcending challenges. Leaning on each other, asking for help, makes more possible. At TNG Retail Services, that is what we do – make more possible. In times of crisis, we stand ready, as extra support.

Grocery providers are essential for keeping our people nourished and healthy, especially in uncertain times. Our families and communities count on their local stores to be stocked with necessities and comfort items. To make this happen, it takes workers. They are mighty and dedicated. Their efforts deeply appreciated by everyone. This is what we do – bring added workers to you – helping you to serve your customers.

How we can help: Restocking shelves, helping in distribution centers and warehouses, and with on-going CLEANING efforts. At TNG Retail Services, we care about our people. Our people follow safety protocols that keep them, your people, and your customers safe. 

Partnering with us offers you the ability to scale up quickly in the areas you need help the most. Adding jobs to the communities you serve, TNG Retail Services gives added benefit and brings real economic value. In this way, we make more possible.

Lean on us. TNG Retail Services is ready to make a difference. Now, more than ever.


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