Coming out of COVID-19: Re-opening America

Posted by Megan Reinertson on May 14, 2020

In a world secluded from one-another, some have never felt closer.  It’s been said that ‘It’s sad that national/world disasters bring people together.’  Regardless of the cause, we dictate and share the effect.  It is true we as a society are ready for COVID-19 to be over, but into what type of world are we reentering?  That’s up to us.

Covid line 2

As we enter mid-2020, several state and local governments are allowing certain hospitality and retail businesses to open their doors to the public.  Though many proprietors are deciding whether they will follow the allowance, restrictions are in place.  Restaurants are required to keep their max capacity levels down 50%.  Small business retail stores need to keep shoppers down to 5 customers at a time.  Not to mention some states are working on legal restrictions to those customers and workers who may get sick from returning to work or entering a business.

The rest of the nation looks on as a few states open their doors.  We are all waiting to see how this will affect the COVID-19 case count and how the general public will react.  With protesters on both sides, the word ‘essential’ is under scrutiny.  Regardless of where your subjectivity lies, hospitals, first responders and food services remain a necessity.

SD 1At TNG Retail Services, we are proud to be a part of the essential work force.  Delivering services to grocery stores around the country is an honor.  Our grocery store retail customers are enhancing their business measures, while in recovery mode.  We too are building up our teams and hiring up to 5,000 positions in order to provide more in-store support.  #Weareinthistogether and will continue to strive for comfortable re-entry into the new norm.

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