Toy or Grocery Store? Clip Strip Assortment Matters

Posted by Anita Baldwinson on January 23, 2018
Anita Baldwinson
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What Matters To You: Aligning Your Clip Strip Program With Your Shopper

Too many clip strip programs are filled with toys -items intended to be something a child begs his parent to buy as they roll down the aisle in a cart.

Our research at TNG has shown that only a few of these toys sell while most just gather dust.

Are you a toy store or a grocery store?

At TNG Impulse we focus on products offering great value to the food shopper.  We have a few toys in our line – just the best sellers.  We don’t waste your space or inventory dollars on items that don’t sell to the grocery shopper.

The cereal aisle is one place where most clip strip programs have many toys. 

TNG Impulse places primarily breakfast product items in the cereal aisle. These are items that a grocery shopper shopping for cereal would relate to breakfast, while breakfast is on their mind: pancake rings, cereal bowls, egg mini fry pans, and others.

Pancake Ring In Store.jpg

Our sales results show that this philosophy works.  Our sales of these items far exceed those of toys.  It makes you wonder: “why do other clip strip companies place so many toys?”

Maybe, it’s because the margin (for the clip strip company – not you) are high when they import toys.  They make their money selling them in to your stores – selling through at retail might be an afterthought.
So ask yourself – are you a toy store or a grocery store?

Then, contact TNG Impulse, and let us show you how your clip strip program can thrive when we put the right product at the right price in the right place!

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