Another Advantage of Magazines

Posted by on December 24, 2013

The more I search for things on the Internet, the more I subscribe to certain company's updates, and the more I click into certain websites, the more I notice that the advertising becomes more narrow. While some marketers may find this great, for me, I am concerned. Where will I get new ideas and new inspiration? In an effort to become more relevant to a particular consumer, the digital world with its algorithms and scripts, render and serve up results that are of an increasingly narrow focus. Over time that narrower focus has also the potential to alter thought and opinions. As a marketer of any brand or product this should be concerning, because, what if your company is not in that "share-of-mind" selection set of your consumer?

This is another advantage of magazines. While content is curated by the editorial team and a particular magazine has a particular voice, there continues to be a lot of magazines, featuring a lot of varied voices. A magazine that becomes a consumer's favorite is a trusted source of information, and even with curated content, it still presents broader information which lead to discovery, ideas and inspiration.

Scott Cooper wrote an interesting article recently: "Why Magazines Are the New Catalogs this Holiday Season." and in it he wrote: "Magazines, on the other hand, are something consumers look forward to each month. They pay for this content, value the perspective of the editors, and enjoy the creativity of the advertising within. Readers are inspired as they discover new products. Then they “dog-ear” or bookmark pages featuring items they want or that might make a great gift." (click here to read the rest of the article.) The advertising and ideas in any particular magazine have the opportunity to create consumer "share-of-mind", which is always a benefit to marketers and also retailers.

May your holiday be filled with joy and may 2014 be filled with new ideas and inspiration.

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