Posted by Megan Reinertson on August 7, 2021

Words gain power by those who give them power.  And, we interpret meaning by bringing our own internal factors into the mix.  Take the word diversity.  Many people see it categorized as a group of people who differentiate from one another by gender, race and religion.  But, diversity is so much more. 

We Are People Powered

When it comes to people, diversity includes backgrounds, experiences, skills, language, culture - the skies the limit.  Our differences make us interesting, and bring a multitude of insight to certain situations and opportunities.  Addressing problems to come up with the best solutions are successful when attacked from all different angles.  We are those different angles.

TNG Retail Services is an organization that prides itself on being people-powered, but not ONE SPECIFIC TYPE of 'people.'  We search for individuals with all different kinds of backgrounds who will fit with our ever-evolving challenges.  We take it upon ourselves to gather those who see success where other struggle, and we use their best practices.  We don't care what that person looks like or believes.  We care about team work and how that translates into our internal culture. 

So, how do we have such a strong foundation if everyone is so different?  We ask people:

Come As You Are. 

Alex M       

"I am very artistic – actually love to create, draw, write, etc.  I’m an introvert and not very social at all.  I am a wife and mother of 3... I have not had an easy road. There have been many challenges and life lessons; each have made me stronger, and I am grateful each day [TNG Retail Services] said 'yes' to me. They took a risk, and I hope every day that I am giving them the best service. My role and remote access allows me the flexibility to do my job, [and be a wife and mother] and I’ll always be grateful to the company for the opportunity."

 -TNG Retail Services Team Member Alexandra Millan


TNG Retail Services Team Members come from all walks of life.  With backgrounds of law to teaching and hobbies of competitive online gaming to raising chickens, our People-Powered organization is anything but status-quo.  We ask you bring your unique qualities and add them to our culture.  Here we train, lead and listen.  All that you need to bring is a willingness to learn. 


From this, the quality our clients and customers receive is creative, determined, adaptable and energetic.  We celebrate one another's successes and rally behind all those who need support.  Either way, every job gets done, and it gets done right. 

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