2019 #possible Leadership Summit

Posted by Megan Reinertson on September 27, 2019


Change is a funny thing.  Many welcome the idea of change until it’s upon them.  It is oddly comforting and a bit of a conundrum understanding the inevitability of change. One thing is for sure: change is constant.  TNG Retail Services has several changes we are extremely excited about, while remaining consistent in our service and mission.  

As a way to address the changes TNG Retail Services is about to embark on, we launched a national Leadership Summit to express the support we’re providing not only to our clients, but also our employees.  We want to remain a company who credits those who make our work possible and to encourage unity in every stage of what we do.   

I am extremely impressed with our TNG Retail Services leadership team and all of our associates.  As a team, they continue to battle for market share and profitable new business, while delivering near flawless execution in this fiercely competitive Merchandising Service sector.  

Competing successfully on a national basis while in the background “building” a standalone company has been an exceptionally difficult but rewarding challenge for the entire TNG Retail Services team.  I am proud of the continuing progress and confident that we will obtain our long-term objectives and overall sustainability.”  

- John Swider, TNG Retail Services President  

In eight days, we covered 4 cities.  Livermore, Dallas, Alexandria and Atlanta hosted the regions’ leadership teams and provided a preview to what is in store for the future of TNG Retail Services. Presentations were made about: 

  • System advances to better organize our teams and keep our clients’ up to date 
  • Technological advances to better equip our employees to complete their tasks more efficiently    
  • A People-Powered mission, because we put our customers - and their customers - first 
  • Emphasizing our Brand to remain concise and consistent with our vision and mission 
  • A cultural program entitled #possible to enable our entire workforce and reward them from within 

“I want the management team to deliver a clear and concise message about who TNG Retail Services is today, coupled with where we expect our company to be positioned in next 3- 5 years.  The emphasis and take away; TNG Retail Services will provide a united best effort, across the board, in all department and that will manifest itself in #POSSIBLE” 

-John Swider, TNG Retail Services President  

The #possible initiative is a way to express exactly what TNG Retail Services is all about.  We are a solutions-oriented company, and our first response to a request should be, “That’s possible, and here is how.”  With #possible, we will recognize the amazing talent TNG Retail Services already has under its umbrella and boost that talent to levels reflecting that which is worthy of our clients’ and customers’ needs.   

This journey is the next step in our continued adventure within TNG Retail Services, and everyone involved is an important piece.  Every team member is crucial to our company’s success.  Together, we will climb to the top because anything is #possible! 

#possible 2


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