The women of tng retail services

Posted by Megan Reinertson on April 2, 2021

Celebrating Women's History Month with Our Own

Each day, we are conquering existing struggles and creating new strides with the strong string of women with the TNG Retail Services organization.  We have so many hard working individuals, they continue to inspire us everyday. 

To wrap 2021's Women's History Month, we showcase a few of our great minds.  These women put forth unprecedented effort daily, not because of their gender, but because of their integrity, ingenuity and convictions.  They are a small example of what TNG Retail Services has to offer.  


VP of Project Administration, Jolie B.

After 16 years, Jolie has grown, taught and learned from others within TNG Retail Services.  Her impressions of this organization continue to exceed by the 'sheer perseverance of the people... we pulled together to keep our departments running and didn’t miss a step with our clients... our field force [is] out there, every day. They get up, suit up and mask-up to keep retail stores running.'  Her Leadership inspires the people of this organization to go-above and beyond, especially in times of uncertainty. 

SM Head Shot 012720

Senior Account Manager, Shirley M.

Shirley's story begins mid-career. Coming from Readerlink as an Account Manager, Shirley guides the field team on RDS merchandising expectations for various retailers and keeps TNG Retail Services in compliance with all the various metrics.  She is a pivotal liaison between the Field Teams and RDS.  Her RDS knowledge and expertise helps teams be as successful as possible in meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. 



Director of Corporate Initiatives, Wanda L.

For 29 years, Wanda has paved her own way throughout the company.  Today, she tests, analyzes and provides information to the Executive Team, creating awareness, process changes and policies within different areas of the company. Her goal is to eliminate and reduce possible company financial exposure and create programs that enhance employee retention and management development.


Aileen Photo

Systems - Director, Aileen D.

The genuine care built over Aileen's 20 years, has led to 'cohesive [collaboration] which manifests into creativity, passion and team work.  Her team strives upon their reliability.  'When someone is in need of help there is always a team member to help them up and carry the torch.  For employees to have this kind of security is a powerful thing for a company and builds a strong core structure for the company to continue to thrive and grow.'


Thank you to our own Kathryn C. for reaching out and compiling this information.  Your contributions are appreciated beyond explanation. 

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