Posted by Megan Reinertson on April 9, 2021

Building Culture Through Our People-Powered Organization

eLearningBanner1Just over 9 weeks ago, a group of influential and executive individuals made the decision to host TNG Retail Services first ever #possible Virtual Leadership Summit. 

While everyone can agree that in-person meetings are better, the virtual platform allowed us to reach our field teams. Immersed in an extensive digital age and through the use of Microsoft 365, TEAMs and Zoom, we met, collaborated, edited and presented to over 850+ people who RSVPed for the event.

The goal of this online conference was to engage our current and future leaders within the organization and define the big picture: Who we are and where we are going. We want to showcase why TNG Retail Services is the place to come to work and inspire current Team Members to define their own leadership path.  We want to offer professional tools to progress their skills and deliver inspiration and mentorship to their own team members.  We did just that. 

In order to provide a successful event with useful information, we called upon our people to request what content they wanted.  What were areas they would like to see improved?  What situations have their co-workers experienced that led them on an upward path?  How can they improve their management, communication, listening, technological and organizational skills as it relates to TNG Retail Services? 

Peer-Led Event Highlights Only a Few of Our Amazing Leadersdoor hang in

Not only did we use their feedback to fuel the agenda, we decided the best way to produce and deliver the messages was through peer-led discussions and presentations.  Throughout the organization, influential individuals were called upon to tell their stories and provide feedback on their experiences.  It's easy to deliver stock step-by-steps and how-to's, but to immerse yourself in someone else's story resonates on a personal and professional level.  By being peer-led, we uncovered and highlighted a fraction of our passionate purpose-filled amazing leaders. Leaders that others are excited to work for and with.

      "I loved that the event was peer-led. What a great idea!"  

                             - Brie T, TNG Retail Services Team Member

       "I liked that it was done by peers, you could tell they worked hard on         their presentations and genuinely cared."

                        - Michael H, TNG Retail Services Team Member


The event filled two days, with two sessions each day to accommodate our nation-wide audience. Day One began with a bang and was followed by general session full of 'big-picture' content.  Next we introduced break-out sessions filled with presentations catered to specific groups.

Day Two held a similar format with the added addition of a main question and answer session hosted by our Senior Executive team.  This session focused on inquires requested prior to the Summit's start. 

Examples of the Summit's presentations are:

  • Becoming the Best Company Ambassadors In Your Stores
  • Technology Applications & How They Help You Lead More Effectively
  • Encouraging Leadership Growth
  • Moving from Commodity Supplier to Trusted Advisor
  • Building a Strong Team - The Why & the How
  • And many, many more

Designs (13)In addition to progressive content presentation, we looked outside our organization.  We asked our Clients to participate in order to provide a company-wide preview of what we all offer them, and what they offer us.  We spoke with the President of the JPG Organization to gain insight on how TNG Retail Services is seen under such a massive umbrella. 


Thank You
Thank You, Leaders!
Our success is measured by the responses and impressions our Team Members produced and received.  We are a People-Powered organization, and all events and initiatives are generated from their needs in order to build the strong culture we strive for.  We thank EVERY SINGLE TNG Retail Services Team Member who participated.  Your collaboration, feedback and questions help drive our internal and external partnerships.  Our vision is to be trusted advisors to businesses and a trusted employer to team members. You are the Movers and Shakers who keep our company at its best.  We look forward to the next #possible Leadership Summit!


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