Optic Intelligence: A visionary system

Posted by Megan Reinertson on September 3, 2020

Optic Intel

We all experience management on many different levels. Many agree good management begins with communication. What we do not always realize is communication is a very broad term which stretches far beyond person to person. Especially in a technologically advanced world, communication is available on so many different platforms. At TNG Retail Services, we combine technology and communication every day to make our services and our clients’ management capabilities the best.

Introducing: Optic Intelligence

Optic Intelligence is a software program that allows our clients and customers full transparency into their portfolios. Acting as a catch-all portal, data is uploaded in real time to ensure the quickest and most reliable form of information is available at any time. This includes photos, survey results, financial implication, project progress, etc. Everything can be monitored and seen on a live bases whenever you login. No longer must you have to wait for weekly and monthly reports or projections of planogram checks or display completion. Store remodels are monitored in real-time, and all the data is available same day. This software aids our clients so they may drive new business and grow in their organizations.  

But the benefits do not stop there. Our in-house developed portal has customizable options available. This affords every opportunity to create a platform that suits your needs exactly the way you want them managed, accessed and displayed. You choose the formatting and presentation specific to your stores, projects and needs. You can customize your reporting for not only external data, but internal use. One featured example is a Natural Language search engine. Do you want to know what your best quarter for sales was? Type away and find your results instantly.


Optic Intelligence provides a faster interface and data-driven box of goodies. Your advantage is real-time information and results. Let TNG Retail Services’ help your management capabilities and enable your growth potential by utilizing our systems. In a world of NOW, there is no need to settle for later.   

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