Diversification is Key for TNG

Posted by on September 9, 2016

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting  the old, but on building the new." ~ Socrates

Our industry, like many right now is in the midst of change. It truly is the case that the only constant is change itself, so this is why here at TNG, we are now very focused on building the new. We've been working on diversification for several years now and it has, at times, been a somewhat rocky road determining what will fit into our business model and what also allows us to competitently continue to serve our current customers with the same care and attention they know and trust us for.


So what do our current customers know and trust us for anyway? 


1. For many, we've simplified a very complex business

2. Our regular scheduled delivery to retail is something they truly count on

3. We handle perishable items, so we understand how to be extremely fast and efficient

4. They appreciate the accuracy of orders. Knowing you are going to get what you ordered eases the mind.

5. Distribution across two nations, (US and Canada) saves a ton of logistical headaches.

6. The display of product at retail is not only compliant, but we ensure that it is eye-catching.

7. That our large field-force can be mobilized for special promotions and program set-ups, quickly, efficiently and smoothly. 

8. Impulse products that provide incremental sales

9. Customized programs with a win|win philosophy, because sales matter for everyone

10. That ultimately their headaches are reduced significantly, because we manage it all for them.

As we continue to diversify to offer more in-store reset/ remodeling and merchandising, customized distribution and logistics, and impulse general merchandise products in the US, craft beer and wine delivery and on-line fulfillment in partnership with Think Logistics and Home Depot, in Canada, we know that our new customers will be given that same level of care and attention as our valuable long-term clients have for years, because it is just part of what we do every week, every day.


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