California throws a wrench in the gig economy platform

Posted by Megan Reinertson on October 17, 2019

As a Retailer- how do you fit in?

Technology in business grew rapidly with the introduction of the World Wide Web.  It is now an everyday necessity. As technology advances, so does the workforce. It affords companies the use of the most up-to-date software and programming and creates new trends in communication. These advancements constantly create the next-steps in technological-assisted automation either making tasks ‘easier’ or removing the need for human interaction of said tasks all together.

With the use of technology, many companies adopt a smaller staff, but connect with outside independent contractors. They can fulfill work as needed without the hassle, cost or liability of full-time employees. This phenomenon is dubbed the ‘Gig Economy.’

Although gig economy jobs are nothing new, the term’s popularity may be influenced by two top Silicon Valley companies: Lyft and Uber. Adopting a full-freelance platform puts full accountability into the drivers' hands. Being two of the top most successful gig economy companies, it was only a matter of time before the US Government took notice of the popularized platform.  

Recently, California State Senators passed Assembly Bill No. 5. In short, the Bill states that gig economy businesses treat workers as employees instead of independent contractors. This Bill could act as precedent for other states, leaving the gig economy and its participants open to operational disruption.  Companies and contractors would scramble to survive or evolve their management into a new practice. Those who stay strong are already encompassing a systematic program which addresses existing systematic pressures in regards to people management.  

Boston Shaw;s Remodel 1TNG Retail Services is prepared for this disruption because we never left the employee model. We only tweaked its components to accommodate flexibility and continuity. As your single source retail service provider, TNG Retail Services provides a tested model of organized teams employed specifically for your projects. While outside independent contractors can be hired based on project-based terms, we provide a group of individuals who are experienced, motivated and knowledgeable in the retail and merchandising markets. This makes them the best source to complete your needs and get the work done right the first time because they've done it before. This means no additional turnover training, no worrying about last-minute contract terminations and never having to deal with the hassle of losing consistency between stores.


TNG Retail Services has a successful track record with many recognizable names in merchandising.  We’ve explored and delivered on this model repeatedly with great results. Every need is different, but that does not mean one is more important than the other. We are people-powered.  Our people execute your strategies and practices. Ask us how we can move your products to move your business forward.  

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